Destiny Jewellers

Small Business Service

Web Doodle strives to serve businesses of any size.

Destiny Jewellers is a jeweller based out of Westfield Penrith offering completely custom designs for that special occasion or branded jewels, in case you want to surprise a loved one.

Wordpress Web Development

Destiny Jewellers was looking to renew their digital identity through the design and development of a new website.
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • CSS

Web Doodle’s approach for serving small businesses is to start with a meet where we discover pain points and direction for customer impression. Identifying the desired impression can be as simple as distilling the brand down to a few words. In this case, Destiny Jewellers already had their logo developed, meaning there was an established colour scheme and effectively somewhere to start.

  • “Luxurious”
  • “Bold”
  • “Approachable”

We wanted online visitors to resonate with these words while keeping consistent to their existing brand.

For technology, we chose Wordpress because of its versatility. What can start as an informational website can expand simply to incorporate a blog or an eCommerce store.

From here Web Doodle got to work designing and developing onto Wordpress. We worked closely with the owners to select and use the right imagery, and web components throughout the site.
We understand that small business owners are not moving at a pace comparable to high growth startups, so we make sure not to fuss or distract our clients from their personal lives and customers but rather appropriately find time slots suitable for collaboration.

Eventually, the site was ready for deployment.