Multifaceted software development on demand

Web Doodle leverages its diverse understanding of web-related technologies to deliver on all web requirements posed by the client. We take a pragmatic approach to our deliverables ensuring seamless integration into existing tools.

Want to pay your Solar Panel installation off over time?

Brighte offers financial plans to home improvements customers by partnering with vendors in a B2B2C model. Brighte raised $18.5 million in their Series B and an additional $145 million in debt financing since, from investors like Mike Cannon-Brookes and NAB.

A Wordpress theme for codeless composability

Brighte looked to build atop their existing Wordpress website using a theme that is reusable, extensible, flexible, and allows non-technical administrators to build and modify pages and posts.
  • React.js
  • SCSS
  • PHP
  • Wordpress

The process for this project’s delivery began with an investigative meet. Here we collaborated to identify our parameters, requirements, obstacles, and objectives. One major design decision was to use the new Wordpress Gutenberg Editor. It comes out of the box with Wordpress 5, is supported by Automattic, and is visually intuitive offering Brighte’s marketing team codeless creation of web components using predefined and reusable blocks.

During the project, the Wordpress Gutenberg Editor was relatively new and there were very few Wordpress developers experienced in developing for it. Additionally, the documentation for the editor was not descriptive enough to satisfy all our desires.
With these challenges in mind, we knew we needed to turn to an existing stable library built for the Gutenberg editor.
We found an amazing library named Stackable

Stackable became our boilerplate, effectively cutting development time in half and taught us in code how React, with Wordpress Javascript libraries, and PHP worked together to deliver this visual editing experience. We had somewhere to start, meaning we could get the real work underway. This work consisted of turning designs produced by Brighte into reusable Gutenberg blocks.
Once all the blocks were developed, pages could be pieced together simply by any non-technical administrator.

Post-development support included the development of new blocks that incorporated new designs, maintenance through bug fixing and tutorials to instruct the marketing team on how to use the editor.
You can find an example tutorial video here:

Today, the team at Brighte are leveraging the simplicity of the editor to create new marketing landing pages, edit existing pages, and more.

You can find the new website developed on this theme here:

Brighte Marketplace

Brighte needed a full-stack javascript freelance developer to turn designs of a vendor directory into a React-based web application to be embedded into their Wordpress website.
  • React.js
  • SCSS

The requirements determined by Brighte for this project were that the web application was to be loaded from a third-party javascript artifact, that it had to meet their unit testing coverage threshold, and that it had to use boilerplate and libraries used in

To make things simpler, Brighte provided designs, a Trello board and a shared Slack chat to coordinate progress and communication.

Delivery of this project was straight forward. The parameters were clear.

Zendesk Help Center Theme

Brighte asked us to turn their Help Center designs into a Zendesk Theme. So we did.
  • Handlebars.js
  • SCSS

This project was difficult for us to get started because talent/experience in custom themes and layouts for Zendesk is rather difficult to find. Once the technology requirements were specified and the Zendesk Documentation was reviewed and understood, the rest became simple web development.

The result is a fully branded self-support experience.

Embeddable marketing material

Brighte wants to embed a landing page describing their offering into each of their vendors’ websites. This allows marketing material to be managed by Brighte and be contextually delivered to the end-user.
  • Preact.js
  • Stylus

Understand what is going into the landing page, use internally developed designs and direction, then implement as code ensuring that there is a clear description on how to use the developed software (installation and execution).
The technologies used were selected by the project owner optimising for expertise in said technologies and speed of delivery.

Post-development, we collaborated with the Brighte team to determine a process for how vendors would go about getting the landing page implemented onto their sites. Once the process started working like a conveyer belt, we were in the clear and we’ve been supporting Brighte vendors since.